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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is Essential to make sure you are getting the proper natural lighting inside your property, but not only that we want to give you an amazing overview of your Empire. We HAND CLEAN all of our windows. No questions asked. We want to be able to to guarantee a clean that we can stand by with pride. 

Chandelier Cleaning

Believe it or not your Chandelier eventually will need some TLC. The crystals no matter if they are Quartz, Acrylic or Glass will start to become less vibrant when dust and other elements begin to latch onto it. We use a simple method of rinse, dry and polish until you can see the difference even if your eyes were closed. 


The window to the skies! Skylights are tough to get too and we understand the risk factor that it  takes too clean or even reach a skylight windows at times but allow us to do it for you. We take safe measures to approach the windows this caution and attention, even when we are cleaning them. 

Light Fixtures

We service all types of light fixtures. Gas  Fixtures - Basic Light Fixtures - Solar Light Fixture - Big or small, we thoroughly hand clean the inside and out getting all of the gunk and residue off, assuring to give your property more appeal and better lighting overall.

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