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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should we clean our gutters?
    We recommend to clean them 4 times a year. 1 time for each season. This will ensure that the gutters are clean and also that they are functioning properly all year around.
  • Do you accept Paypal or Cashh app?
    Unfortunately we do not accept those form of payments, but we do accept major debit and/or credit cards, ZELLE, cash or checks.
  • How do you pressure wash my house?
    We do a soft pressure wash, where we allow the solution to loosen up all the gunk, mold, and cobwebs off the house and rinse with light pressure to give it a brand new look and feel.
  • Can I bundle services?
    Yes, you can book us for multiple services and we will finish the same day. It will also save you MONEY and TIME.
  • How do you clean our windows?
    We wipe down the frame and the seal, then use a mop and squeegee to clean the glass guaranteeing an overall clean window.
  • Why should we choose you over the next company?
    Experience, Customer Care and Convenience. We strive for excellent customer service, we use our experience and attention to detail to assure we do a beyond excellent job at the convenience of our clients schedule and location.
  • Can we cancel or reschedule a service ?
    Yes but we ask for a week advance notice to schedule accordingly. We do not charge deposit fees.
  • In the incident of any damages am i covered?
    Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. We guarantee to replace and or compensate for any damaged goods.
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